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We share our successful real estate investment experiences in the US for anyone interested in diversifying their assets. Take advantage of the best plans of the moment thanks to our knowledge of the real estate market. Let's invest together (alone or with your first circle of friends) to acquire attractive assets.


Our main goal is to offer our clients the opportunity to access the best investment opportunities. Our philosophy is that our clients are partners, not customers: They are privileged to our research and management, in order to have access to assets with high revenue return potential
We offer our partners a modern and innovative portal to access diverse real estate products (houses, warehouses, commercial buildings, and various other projects) enabling participation by nvestment in multiple areas. Our website showcases these attractive projects.
Proper search

Property Search

We seek and discover the most lucrative opportunities in the real estate market

Estimation of projects

We offer our competence to estimate the real cost of our projects
Legal Verification

Legal rules of acquisition

We comply with all required steps to obtain autorisation and to respect of the U.S., State, and local laws
Property Negotiation

Property Negotiation

We negotiate the bests price on target propertes
Monitoring of Work

Monitoring of Projects

We provide project oversight and ensure meeting of target deadlines and costs
Rent Payment

Rent Payment

We set as well as collect rents on completed projects. We distribute rent returns to partners
Housr and Property

Property Maintenance

We ensure and coordinate maintenance of project properties (controlling quality and cost)
Share Exchanges

Share Exchange

We facilitate and coordinate partner communication and foster collaboration and mutual success